The Developmental Stages of a Preschooler [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The Developmental Stages of a Preschooler [INFOGRAPHIC]

The brain of a preschooler is developing at an exponential rate. In this stage of life, a preschooler is maturing in a number of different areas, making the preschool years very formidable ones. They are tackling new challenges, both physically and mentally. Although no two children are alike, there are certain developmental milestones which are reached between the ages of 3 and 5 that may be necessary for kids to reach in order to become successful in their learning environments. 

Do you have a preschooler? Are you a preschool teacher? Would you like to become a preschool teacher? Below is an infographic on The Developmental Stages of a Preschooler. This may be helpful for those working with children who are going to enter or who are already in the preschooler years of their lives.